Barbara Zawalska
Barbara Zawalska

Barbara Zawalska

"A fashion designer must be a design architect, a sculptor of the form, a painter of color, a harmonious musician and a philosopher of restraint."

– Cristobal Balenciaga

Barbara Zawalska, wedding dresses designer. This is how I could briefly introduce myself.

It is not about an appraisal that I give myself, but rather about an opinion you will have about me after our cooperation. If you want to find out who I am, visit me - I cordially invite you.

Wedding is the most important event in our lives, full of emotions, beauty and sensuality. For me, the most important thing is that in your custom made wedding dress you feel like someone absolutely special. That is why the design process always starts with a conversation over a delicious coffee. I want to get to the heart of your dreams related to this unique moment, which is the sacrament of marriage. I check your preferences and expectations; what you feel good about, what will emphasize your beauty. Excellent knowledge of the female figure and the ability to sketch allow me to put on paper what we will determine. This is how the first drawings are created. Then we start to choose fabrics, colors, lace and applications as well as other accessories. Together we finish the project and later - scissors, needles and threads go in motion. And all this so that on your day you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Privately, I love traveling - it is from distant travels that I get inspiration for my collections. I am inspired by foreign cultures, especially Eastern cultures, oriental patterns. And so he delighted me, and it was a butterfly on my shoulder in Marrakech, and these are peacock feathers swaying in the wind in the Casablanca gardens, an innocent girl running through the streets of Florence, again the duchess walking in all its glory in the Nice gardens. I try to capture these unique moments of inspiration, cut them out of the frame and transfer them to paper and then to material. That's how my projects are made.

My collections combine the eternal spirit of sublimity accompanying a wedding ceremony with a modern look at the world around us. Perceptiveness and a sense of aesthetics allow me to give back your temperament, as well as emphasize all your qualities and hide minor imperfections. The highest quality fabrics and perfectionism of workmanship allow you to sew unusual designs, both simple and elegant, as well as sophisticated and modern. Challenge me to create a perfectly tailored creation for you.

I invite you to cooperate!